Treaty of Modern Colon Hydrotheraphy 550 pages

Treaty of Modern Colon Hydrotheraphy

The “Treaty of Modern Colon Hydrotherapy” addresses the principles and bases of therapy, with the utmost rigor, as never before described, and develops the techniques of therapy so that the future professional has a wide range of tools in the daily practice.

The work is organized in eleven blocks that correspond as follows: the digestive system, large bowel anatomy, large bowel physiology, large bowel pathology, embryology of the large intestine, visceral osteopathy of the large intestine, general hydrotherapy colon, colon hydrotherapy techniques, depuration of the large intestine and, the importance of the mouth, stomach, gallbladder and pancreas. Special annex includes the first study of the world of colon hydrotherapy and intestinal flora called "Study of intestinal microbiology applied to colon hydrotherapy", developed in 2014, 2015 and 2016. It is a general compendium for deep knowledge of the large intestine and the digestive system.

The work is accompanied by illustrations and photographs of the highest quality to facilitate the understanding of the texts, just as each technique is described with the utmost rigor and precision both in relation to the position of the patient and the therapist and the parameters of application and the choice of technique and its development, with the purpose of immediate use in daily clinical practice.

Because of the abundant information contained in this totally didactic, practical and profusely illustrated work and given its high level of specialization, this work constitutes a work and reading tool essential for the student and the therapist.


Block I. The digestive system.
Block II. Anatomy of the large intestine.
Block III. Physiology of the large intestine.
Block IV. Pathology of the large intestine.
Block V. Embryology of the large intestine.
Block VI. Osteopathy of the large intestine.
Block VII. Flora and dysbiosis.
Block VIII. Generalities of colon hydrotherapy.
Block IX. Techniques of colon hydrotherapy.
Block X. Intestinal clearance.
Block XI. The importance of the mouth, the stomach, the gallbladder and the pancreas.
Annexed. Intestinal microbiology study applied to colon hydrotherapy.

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Exclusively students of the Expert Training in Modern Colon Hydrotherapy and Intestinal Health


D. David Granizo Bermejo

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