Expert on Modern Colonic Hydrotherapy Formación de Prestigio Internacional - 11ª convocatoria

Expert on Modern Colonic Hydrotherapy

The modern colonic hydrotherapy consists on a deep irrigation of the whole large intestine using filtered and depurated water, through the use of a cannula introduced within the rectum. This Cannula has two tubes, thus water can enter the body through one of the tubes (irrigation tube) and faecal matter is passed several times during the session through the second tube (evacuation tube), without the need to attend the restroom. The filtered water, the pressure of water, its temperature and the amount are regulated by an electronic device and controlled by a professional during the entire process.

The modern colonic hydrotherapy refutes all the existing theories about the classical colonic hydrotherapy, and develops for the first time ever the current techniques, registering and creating new techniques for this procedure, establishing a new method and a working practice with no precedents.

The course is intended for the most demanding students with a clinical level highly rigorous. The student will be presented with a comprehensive battery of theory that will help provide a better comprehension of the practical and technical areas of the course.

We have students coming from all over the world, for this reason, we have developed an intensive advanced course that guarantees a proper training, optimizing the time for the student with a single trip required. What is the key to a successful training course? Its differentiation and specialization on the therapy. We guarantee the Modern Colonic Hydrotherapy course is the most advanced and unique on its category, due to the particular contributions to the therapy made by Mr. David Granizo Bermejo. It is a therapy where it is essential to learn the techniques and procedures without forgetting about the essence and the knowledge the detoxification offers to the different systems and levels of the human being.

It is important to remember the training on colonic hydrotherapy must be a serious training, as well as rigorous and honest. To offer “low cost” training courses as well as “low training”, with a duration of 5, 10 or 20h, apart from being reckless for the student due to the lack of proper training received, is also a lack of seriousness to the training and therapy themselves, and ends up denigrating it.


Block I. The digestive System
Block II: Anatomy of the Large Intestine
Block III: Physiology of the Large Intestine
Block IV: Pathologies of the Large Intestine
Block V: General information about the colonic hydrotherapy
Block VI: Flora and dysbiosis
Block VII: Colonic Hydrotherapy techniques
Block VIII: Intestinal depuration
Block IX: Technical and clinical practice.

Starting date



5 días intensivos + 1 jornada de examen, práctica y mesa redonda


Instituto Avanzado de Salud Holística



Mr. David Granizo Bermejo


Once all the corresponding evaluation tests have been passed, a diploma issued by the Spanish Association for the Colonic Hydrotherapy and a diploma and a certificate issued by the Advanced Institute of Holistic Health will be provided, with details on the contents of the course along with the total number of hours (classes and practical).

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