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D. David Granizo Bermejo

Colon Modern Hydrotherapy®, Microbiota and Digestive Health department

D. David Granizo Bermejo

Studied Osteopathy, Naturopathy and Biological Medicine, Chiromassage, Phytotherapy and Nutrition within the Royal University Centre of Maria Cristina, associated with the Complutense University of Madrid.

He has pioneered the use and modernization of the colonic hydrotherapy as a tool within a depurative and regulatory protocol for the large intestine, obtaining outstanding and beneficial results.

In 2010 he creates and develops a new form of utilizing and performing the colonic hydrotherapy, and to be able to differentiate it from the classical colonic hydrotherapy (Maurice De Langenhagen, 1898), he names it Modern Colonic Hydrotherapy. The modern colonic hydrotherapy refutes all the existing theories regarding the classical colonic hydrotherapy, it develops for the first time in history the current techniques and creates, registers and develops new techniques for its practice, establishing a new method and working protocol, and presents the first study in the world about the colonic hydrotherapy: “Study of the Intestinal Microbiology applied to the colonic hydrotherapy”.

He is the founder and director of the Advanced Institute for Holistic Health in Madrid, where he officially teaches his techniques. He is also the president of the Spanish Association of Colonic Hydrotherapy (AEHC), and is responsible for the Scientific Commission of the Colonic Hydrotherapy within the Professional Association of Natural Therapies (APTN-COFENAT). He is also a lecturer of colonic hydrotherapy and a professor within Transcom, providing professional courses and conferences all over the world using his own and revolutionary method. Apart from teaching, he also investigates in different areas and divulges healthy living habits. He is the author of the books “Homotoxicology, depuration and colonic hydrotherapy”, published in October 2012, and “Colonic Hydrotherapy treaty”, published in 2018, the first treaty available in the world about this topic and an essential work for students and professionals.