Modern Colon Hydrotherapy

Modern Colon Hydrotherapy

The latest method to detox and regenerate the large intestine

The modern colonic hydrotherapy method, developed by Mr. David Granizo Bermejo, is the most advanced technique in the world and aims to regenerate the normal physiological peristalsis and to fully cleanse the large intestine. The modern colonic hydrotherapy refutes all the existing theories about the classical colonic hydrotherapy, and develops for the first time ever the current techniques, registering and creating new techniques for this procedure, establishing a new method and a working practice with no precedents. At the Advanced Institute of Holistic Health we provide you with the best facilities in Europe for colonic hydrotherapy procedure.

The colonic hydrotherapy consists of a deep irrigation of the entire large intestine using filtered and purified water, which is administered using a cannula through the rectum. The cannula has a double tube, therefore, water can pass through one of them (irrigation tube), and faecal matter is excreted several times throughout the second tube during the session (evacuation tube), so the patient does not need to interrupt the therapy to go to the toilet.

The filtered water, the pressure, the temperature of water and the total flow of water are regulated by an electronic device, which is controlled by the naturopath during the whole session.

The colonic hydrotherapy has 3 key functions: stimulate the enteric plexus of the large intestine, regenerate and strengthen the intestinal musculature and clean the intestinal lumen.

The faecal matter must be evacuated as a norm (assuming the large intestine is healthy and food is ingested daily) once or even twice a day, without effort, and faeces must have a good consistency. When this is not the case, the faecal matter starts to pile up, producing constipation and accumulation of faecal matter. Since these faeces are not being excreted regularly, the digestive, absorptive and excretive processes of the large intestine become altered, provoking several different issues such as hepatic and intestinal saturation, intestinal dysbiosis, a bad or zero aborption of short chained fatty acids (AGCC), atony and enlargement of the intestinal walls, as well as the intestinal ptosis. Sometimes even some of the intestines that are evacuated daily are sometimes excreting faeces that are 3 days old: this is known as hidden constipation, and it’s due to the large intestine (but mostly within the descending colon and the sigmoid colon) being full with faecal matter 90% of the time.

Colonic hydrotherapy is therefore indicated, generally, to all those suffering from intestinal issues, or those who wish to attain a general scrub and detoxification of the organism.


Who is this treatment recommended for?
The colonic hydrotherapy is a method for the improvement of health and a general prevention to disease. It is highly recommended for all those who wish to cleanse their organism and keep a healthy life style. Highly recommended for people suffering from constipation due to this treatment not only helping to clean the large intestine but also working its musculature which results in an improved function.

Colonic hydrotherapy is the type of treatment that needs to be tried to feel its benefits. From experience, we assure a high level of satisfaction for all our patients.

Is it necessary a preliminary consultation?
No if you only wish to get a colonic hydrotherapy, but it is highly recommended, if, on the other hand, you wish to get a full depurative treatment or aim to resolve or improve a pathology. Introducing the colonic hydrotherapy in the right moment can help multiplying its benefits.

Is it safe?
The Modern Colonic Hydrotherapy method is far from the stereotypical three session course: we won’t be able to know until we get to assess you and your intestinal rhythm. At the end of the first session we will be able to decide an adequate number of sessions to achieve the desired goal.

How many sessions are necessary?
The Hidroterapia de Colon Moderna® method is far from the stereotype of three sessions: we will not be able to know it until we know it and understand its intestinal rhythm. At the end of the first session we will apply the most appropriate number of sessions to achieve the marked objective. It usually ranges from 3 to 6 sessions, although it also depends on your personal goals.

How long does each session take?
Same way it is difficult to predict a specific number of sessions, it is hard to assume the length of each session. Each patient is unique and different. There are sessions that last for as short as 20 minutes, while others require up to 45, it will largely depend on the physiological status of the large intestine. Let us suggest you: the longer the session does not always mean the better the treatment, the best outcome is achieved when the session is ended when the large intestine starts presenting symptoms of fatigue.

Our centre offers the most exigent colonic hydrotherapy in the world, the best facilities, relaxing areas, a private restroom with washing area, hydro massage shower, toilet as well as towels and bathrobes, all 100% cotton.

What type of water will be used?
At the Advanced Institute of Holistic Health we undertake continuous controls and analyses of our water. Our special filtering system guarantees water free of microorganisms, Chloride (Cl), lime (CaO) and other microscopic particles.

What types of devices are involved?
We use Spanish devices, world leaders in this field, automatic and with pressure, temperature, filtering, disinfecting and chromo therapy control.

What type of protocol do I need to follow prior to my appointment?
If your aim is to achieve an intestinal depuration you should follow the instructions, diet and treatment explained to you during the first appointment, and follow the order strictly. If you are just coming for a one-off hydrotherapy session you just need to do a light fasting of 2 hours.

Should I take a probiotic before my first session?
No, during your first session your faeces will be analized, and we will then recommend you the right type of probiotic taking into account your profile and needs.

I am not from Madrid, how can I organize my appointments?
Very easy, when you call the centre, make sure to point out that you live outside of the region of Madrid, and we will then organize the appointments taking into account your situation, trying to make your stay as short as possible. Also, if preferred, we can book a room for you in the closest hotel.

What is an intestinal depuration or a detoxification?
In medicine this is known as emunctory of any organ, gland or conduct that has as a goal, among others, to eliminate the metabolic waste from the organism. A depuration is used to facilitate and improve the normal functioning of that organ. Mr. David Granizo Bermejo has developed an intestinal depuration and regulation that is very comprehensive and has different phases:

Phase 1: the purge. This phase aims to expel the faecal residues that might be circulating in case of severe constipation.

Phase 2: detoxifying. This phase consists of the elimination of the faecal residues stuck and which are in direct contact with the mucosa layer. During and after this process, the hydrotherapy treatment of the colon is highly effective.

Phase 3: rehabilitation and cleaning. This phase involves the rehabilitation of the large intestine’s walls, and the cleansing of the intestinal lumen. During and after this process, the colonic hydrotherapy is highly effective.

Phase 4: sanitation. This phase tries to create an acid environment that eliminates all the harmful microorganisms and eases the life span and the reproduction of the saprophyte microorganisms.

Phase 5: anti-inflammation. This phase intends to eliminate the intestinal inflammation. The intestinal inflammation almost always produces mucus on the faeces, diarrhoea or very loose stools, along with abdominal bloating that fluctuates in size during the day. It becomes inflamed for different reasons: changes in the bacterial flora (dysbiosis), food intolerances or the accumulation of toxins due to a poor evacuation.

Phase 6: repopulation. This phase aims to repopulate the intestine with saprophyte microorganisms (pro-biotics) as well as functional foods that enhance the life of the saprophyte microorganisms (pre-biotics). Introducing both before the integral depurative treatment has no particular use since the environment is not adequate (sanitation) and the mucosa is inflamed (ant inflammation).

Phase 7: regeneration. This phase involves the regeneration of the intestinal mucosa. The first process taking place within the altered intestine is inflammation, then porosity and then degeneration and fibrosis. The intestinal mucosa can be very porous or fibrous. When it is very porous toxins reach the blood stream, as well as non digested food or pathogenic microorganisms. In the other hand, if it is fibrous, it hardens, degenerates, which prevents the absorption of nutrients which in turn leads to chronic and degenerative issues.


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